SnapTube is 100% SAFE, with its security verified by multiple virus & malware detection engines. You can also scan every update through these platforms and enjoy Snap Tube with no worries!

Snaptube Apk Download


Snaptube is an app for Android devices that makes it simple to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, DailyMotion, and WhatsApp. Snaptube users can also have their videos converted to MP3 and saved for later listening.

In 2014, Snaptube debuted for Android, IOS, and PC; since then, it has been downloaded nearly a billion times worldwide. Every day, over 90 million videos are downloaded. Unfortunately, you can no longer download Snaptube from the Google Play Store. Popular app stores such as,, and the 9Apps store all support it. Snaptube supports MP3 and M4A files for audio, and 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2K HD, and 4K HD for video.

Snaptube Overview

Snaptube is a well-liked video-downloading app for Android devices. It lets users save videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other sources. Videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more can be downloaded in HD with Snaptube. The app’s user-friendly design and support for multiple languages make it a breeze to learn and implement. Snaptube is a complete solution for Android video downloading and playback, as it allows users to download videos in multiple resolutions, convert videos to audio files, and play videos directly from the app.

Snaptube is a quick and simple app that facilitates downloading videos from numerous online resources, including social media and video-sharing websites. It’s a handy app for Android users who want to download their favorite videos for later offline viewing.

Regarding downloading videos on an Android device, Snaptube is among the best options. This app allows saving videos and music from YouTube as MP3 files. It does a high-definition download. Before downloading, you can choose the video quality to be downloaded. It also works in reverse, transforming an MP4 video into an audio file that can be added to your music collection. The number of sites that are compatible with this app is staggering. It has a web browser, so you can go online and look for media to download immediately.

What is SnapTube?

SnapTube is a highly effective and innovative app that allows users to quickly and easily download videos and music online. Similar to TubeMate and VidMate, it is an alternative app. With no limits, SnapTube lets users download videos, movies, and music from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and many more. SnapTube is the best app to use if you want to watch a funny video, listen to your favorite songs, or watch a movie.

App NameSnaptube
Size19.84 MB
File Type.apk
Requires Android4.1 or higher
CategoryVideo Downloader & Players

Features of SnapTube App

Download Videos in the Best Quality

The highest quality videos can be downloaded with Snaptube Apk Download and uploaded. When exporting a video in most programs, you lose quality and are stuck uploading the same subpar file. However, with this program, you won’t have to settle for poor video quality; you can easily upload HD videos.

Download Millions of Videos for Free

With Snaptube Apk Download, you can get all the videos you want without ever paying a dime. Enjoy the highest quality entertainment at zero cost by downloading as many videos as you like.

Big Collection of Videos

Snaptube Apk Download has an extensive library of videos from which you can choose the ones you like best. This app gives you quick and straightforward access to various entertaining videos. The app offers various categories, including nearly every imaginable genre, to ensure the highest possible user satisfaction.

Conversion of Video to MP3 Format

Video to MP3 conversion is a breeze with Snaptube Apk Download. Extracting the soundtrack from a video is significantly simplified this way. It’s common to want to save a video’s original soundtrack if you enjoy listening to it while watching. This program will do the job if you’d like to convert a video to MP3 for free.

Night Mode for Eyes Protection

Snaptube Apk Download’s night mode is beautiful and could save your life. The app’s night mode is beneficial and convenient, and it also helps users avoid straining their eyes. Users need not worry about any adverse effects on their eyesight.

Smart Multi-Tasking Window

Snaptube Apk Download’s multitasking window is one of its best features. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to multitask while you edit your videos. Splitting your window in half will enable you to use two programs simultaneously, which is convenient for many users.

HD Downloading of Videos

If you want better video quality and overall experience, download videos from Snaptube using the Apk. The HD video quality is the best, and you can easily download your videos in that quality with this fantastic app.

Snaptube And Play Store

Snaptube was removed from the Google Play Store because it did not adhere to Google’s policies regarding the distribution of apps and precisely because it allows users to download videos for later viewing offline. The Google Play Store may not endorse McAfee, but the app is safe and secure thanks to the renowned security firm. Therefore, malicious software, bugs, or viruses are not a concern.

Snaptube APK was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after discovering that the platform charged users for premium features they had not authorized. According to researchers at the London-based security firm Upstream, who shared their findings exclusively with TechCrunch, using the free app costs users money.

Upstream’s CEO Guy Krief claims the company is sneakily feeding customers hidden advertisements. The app’s developer benefits from the ad revenue, but the user experiences decreased performance and battery life. Using the same background click technique, the app will automatically charge your credit card for in-app upgrades you never authorized.

The Snaptube Business Team was responsible for the code in the Mango third-party SDK used in the Snaptube app. The cloud storage app 4shared and the video downloading app Vidmate, which used Mango, have been accused of engaging in fraudulent advertising practices. Snaptube went to court after it severed ties with Mango Developers.

Despite Snaptube’s assurance that it would “stop” using the code “as soon as feasible,” it appears that it is still present in the app, even though it has been almost a month since the original claim that users were receiving notifications that the app contained suspicious third-party code surfaced.

Snaptube Original vs. Fake

Identifying genuine counterfeit Snaptubes on the market is a common issue. Several sites have been caught in the past providing users with malicious Snaptube download links purporting to be from the video-sharing platform. Users looking for a free “pro” version of Snaptube are primarily to blame for the proliferation of fake apps. These hacked apps could be infected with malware that destroys your phone for good. Before starting the mod download, these sites bombard you with pop-up after pop-up.

How to Download and Install Snaptube on Android Device

Snaptube can be downloaded for Free from our site or other reputable third-party app stores. No malicious software or viruses have been found in the app. Snaptube can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. Find out how to install Snaptube on your Android device below.

Here are the quick and easy instructions for downloading Snaptube:

  • Visit to get the Snaptube app.
  • Start your download now by clicking the “Download” button up top.
  • When the download is finished, open the APK file by double-clicking on it.
  • If your Android device prompts you, select the option to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed.
  • Snaptube can be started after the installation is finished.

Is Snaptube Safe?

You can feel secure using Snaptube. You need not worry about the app’s safety because it is virus- and malware-free. To ensure you get the real deal when downloading Snaptube, it’s best to do so from the official website.

Snaptube FAQs

Is Snaptube safe to use?

Yes, Snaptube is entirely secure. Antivirus software giants like CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout have all given their stamp of approval.

Can you still download videos from Snaptube?

Videos shared on Snaptube’s link can be downloaded without a subscription. Additionally, there is no cap on the number of video downloads. You’re free to grab as many as you like.

Is Snaptube free?

Snaptube is a free app that lets you download videos and music from YouTube and other sites directly to your Android or iOS device.

Which country owns Snaptube?

SnapTube is currently owned by a Chinese company. SnapTube was developed by Mobispace, a Chinese firm that has released several apps in the Google Play Store.

How to download music with Snaptube apk?

Paste the song’s URL into Snaptube’s search bar to play it. After the initial load, the original file can be played online. There’s a download button you can click. If you want to save the song to your phone, click it.

What is the difference Between Snaptube App and APK Version?

If an app is available in the Google Play Store, you can trust that it has passed Google’s stringent security checks. However, The APK version requires a download from an external source that may or may not be safe.

How to update Snaptube?

Launching Snaptube will trigger a prompt to check for and install any available updates. You should click that. If you prefer, you can launch Snaptube, tap “Me” from the bottom bar, then tap “About” and “Update Now.” Updates are optional, but they fix any issues that may have arisen in the past.

How to download videos from Snaptube?

When you find a video you want to download on Snaptube, look for a download icon in the lower right corner of the video cover. Pick your preferred file type and size, click the button, and sit tight while it downloads.

Is the Snaptube beta version available?

The Snaptube app has a beta version that can be downloaded and used. Beta versions of apps are the newest and often most experimental releases. Beta or early access apps may not be as reliable as the final product.

Does SnapTube care about the user’s privacy?

The video-downloading software offers the highest level of discretion and security for users’ personal information. You can rest assured that SnapTube will never sell or give away your personal information.

Can I download a 1080p quality video through SnapTube?

SnapTube makes it challenging to download 1080p videos because most videos cannot be found in that resolution. The 720p videos found in the SnapTube Android app are highly recommended.


Finally, it has been seen that Snaptube is one of the best entertainment apps and an excellent video-downloading application. High-quality video downloads and unlimited, cost-free streaming are both available. Many sites offer free content for their visitors. Please give this fantastic entertainment app a shot and share your thoughts in the space below.